South Africa: Election archive

2011 Local government election


Candidates by province and gender
Candidates by party
Local elections ward delimitation and seat allocation 2000-2011
2011 Local elections metropolitan seat allocations

Voter education booklet [PDF document], developed by Jacana Media, the IEC and EISA.

Good Governance Learning Network 2011 Recognising Community voice and dissatisfaction: A Civil Society Perspective on Local Governance in South Africa [PDF document].

Election time table

18 May 2011 Election Day
15 April - 17 May 2011 Special Votes
12 April 2011 Publication of contesting parties and candidates
25 March 2011 Close of nominations
18 March 2011 Publication of voters' roll
10 March 2011 Voters' roll closes
Detailed timetable: [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 14 Mar 2011).

2009 National Assembly and Provincial Legislature elections

EISA documents

Final report
EISA Observer Mission: Interim Statement
EISA Observer Mission: Launch Statement
Election Updates [PDF document]
Alan Wall 2010 "South Africa" IN Astrid Evrensel (ed) Voter Registration in Africa: A Comparative Analysis [PDF document], EISA, 317-354.


National Assembly
Provincial legislatures
Election Observer Missions
Voter registration
Voter registration - proportion of women to men by province
Parties participating in the 2009 elections
Expatriate voting
Election calendar

2006 Municipal elections

Municipal structures and balloting
Local government results 2006

EISA 2006, Handbook on Legislation and Regulations for South Africa's Local Government Elections 2006 [PDF]
SACSOC Report on the municipal elections [PDF]

EISA Local Government Programme

South Africa Election Updates 2006 [PDF documents]:

LETSHOLO, S 2006 Democratic Local Government Elections in South Africa: A Critical Review [PDF document], EISA Occasional Paper No 42.

2005 & 2007 National Assembly floor-crossing

Floor-crossing 2002-2009
2005 and 2007 floor-crossing periods
2007 National Assembly floor-crossing outcome
2004 National Assembly Floor-crossing outcome


MATLOSA, K & SHALE, V (eds) 2007 The Impact of Floor Crossing on Party Systems and Representative Democracy, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Seminar Report No 19, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).
MASEMOLA, NPK 2007 Floor-Crossing and its Political Consequences in South Africa [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 44.

2004 National Assembly & provincial elections

National results
Provincial results
Political party registration
Voter registration

EISA Observer Mission report [PDF]
EISA Observer Mission interim statement

South Africa Election Updates 2004 [PDFs]

LETSHOLO, S 2005 How the ANC Won the 2004 Elections [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 31.
PIPER, L (ed) 2004 South Africa's 2004 Election: The Quest for Democratic Consolidation [PDF docuemnt], EISA Research Report 12.

2002-2003 Electoral Task Team

MASANGO, D 2003 "Parliament's 400 seats to be retained, says Cabinet" BuaNews Online, Government Communication and Information System, 5 March, [www] [opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

Report of the Electoral Task Team, January 2003, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

South African Electoral System Roundtable 2002

2003 National Assembly floor-crossing

Floor-crossing 2002-2009
2003 floor-crossing period
2003 floor-crossing outcome

2000 Local government elections

Party support, proportional representation ballot
Local elections results by province
Metropolitan council results
Local elections comparative analysis

BALLINGTON, J 2001, Women and local government: the issues IN Pottie, D & Ford, H (eds), Local Government in South Africa: Elections 2000, EISA.
POTTIE, D 2001, Women and local government: By the numbers IN Pottie, D & Ford, H (eds), Local Government in South Africa: Elections 2000, EISA.

1999 National Assembly & provincial elections

1999 Elections
National Assembly votes and seats by party
Provincial legislature results
Seats won in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures
ANC Women MPs, 19999
Women in National Assembly, 1999
Women in executive councils and provincial legislatures, 1999
Women members of the National Council of Provinces, 1999

EISA 2002 Proportional representation: Pos and cons
POTTIE, D 2001 Women and local government: By the numbers.
MOTTIAR, S 2002 Democratic consolidation in South Africa [PDF document], EISA.
THUYNSMA, HA 2002 The craft and the poetry of campaigning: How do American principles apply in a South African situation? [PDF document], EISA.

1995/6 Local government elections

Election results - seats per party
Election results - votes per party
Voter registration and turnout

1994 National Assembly & provincial elections

Democratic Elections
National Assembly results
Provincial results

INTERNATIONAL REPUBLICAN INSTITUTE 1994 South Africa: Campaign and Election Report April 26-29 1994, [www]'s%201994%20Presidential%20and%20Parliamentary%20Elections.pdf [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

Before 1994

Historical franchise arrangements
Politics between 1910 and 1994

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