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Journal of African Elections, Volume 11 No 2, 2012
  1. Volume 12
  2. Volume 11
  3. Volume 10
  4. Volume 9
  5. Volume 8
  6. Volume 7
  7. Volume 6
  8. Volume 5
  9. Volume 4
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  11. Volume 2
  12. Volume 1


Volume 12 Number 3, December 2013: The Evolving Role of Elections in Africa

Contributors: Kealeboga J Maphunye, David Sebudubudu, Bugalo Maripe, M E Mavungu, Sadiki Koko, Westen Kwatemba Shilaho, Esther Kibuka-Sebitosi, Kealeboga Maphunye, Gerhard Tötemeyer

Key terms: Botswana, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), electoral competition, flawed, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), irregularities, lacking credibility, dynamics of misconduct, 2011, fraud, systematic, state-sponsored, rig, incumbent, popular protest, stolen elections, violence, terrorising, patterns, causes, consequences, prevention strategy, stakeholders, 2013, Kenya, transitional, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, International Criminal Court, post-election, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, tribal alliance, ethnic alliances, spoliation, gender, women, historical, ideological, traditions, barriers to entry, stereotypes, rhetoric, tokenism, patriarchy. Critically SADC, Ubuntu, Reform, Electoral Act, Namibia, consulted, public meetings administrative managerial, normative character, justice, principles


Volume 12 Number 2, October 2013: Ghana’s 2012 Elections

Contributors: J Shola Omotola, J Shola Omotola, E Remi Aiyede, Idris Erameh, Tosin Orimolade, Richard Asante, Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Ransford Edward Van Gyampo, Emmanuel Debrah, Charles Nyuykonge, Keitumetse Letsoalo, Festus Aubyn, Mustapha Abdallah, Tom Lodge

Key terms: Ghana, December 2012, Elections, African, Perspective, Institutional Framework, Consolidating, Reversing, Electoral, Commission, Administration, Democracy, Quasi-Public, Entities, Ideology, Youth, Parties, Manifestos, Politics, Oil, Presidential, Resource Curse, Sustaining, Peace, Stability, Appraising, National, Security Task Force, Film review, Watching


Volume 12 Number 1, October 2012: Women and Local Government Elections

Contributors: André Mbata Mangu, Timothy B Reid, Tlohang W Letsie, Anja Osei, Adriano Nuvunga, Eduardo Sitoe, Tom Wolf, Lloyd M Sachikonye

Key terms: Democracy, States, Regional, Sub-Regional, Election, Benchmarks, DRC, Global, Governance, Soft Power, Lesotho, Consolidation, Democracy, Party, Voter, Linkage, Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, Parti Démocratique Sénégalais, Institutionalisation, Mozambique, Opposition, International, Justice, Public Opinion, ICC, Ethnic, Polarisation, Kenya, Continuity, Reform, Zimbabwe, Referendum.


Volume 11 Number 2, October 2012: Women and Local Government Elections

Contributors: Amanda Gouws, Benjamin Roberts, Jarè Struwig, Arlene Grossberg, Janine Hicks, Imraan Buccus, Lisa Vetten, Alexandra Leisegang, David Mandiyanike, Sofonea Shale, Carla Ackerman.

Key terms: Women, Local Government, Elections, South Africa, Electoral Commission, Gender Differences, Electoral Participation, Equality, Mainstreaming, Political Parties, Manifestos, Candidate Lists, Municipal, Planning, Violence, Marginalised, Majority, Zimbabwe, Transforming, Roles, Lesotho, Quotas, Rights-Based, Development, Service Del .ivery.

Abstracts and contributors...

Volume 11 Number 1, June 2012: Nigeria's 2011 Elections

Contributors: Emmanuel Remi Aiyede, Dauda Abubakar, J Shola Omotola, Gbenga Aiyedogbon, Antonia Taiye Okoosi-Simbine, A Irene Pogoson, Osisioma B C Nwolise, Omo Aregbeyen, Olubukola Adesina.

Key terms: Politics, Electoral Reform, Nigeria, Legal, Constitutional, Framework, Federalism, Power Sharing, Presidential, Election, Participation, Voter Turnout, Gender, Political Parties, Patriarchy, Democratisation, Security, Cost of Elections, Monitoring, Observing.


Volume 10 Number 2, October 2011: West Africa

Contributors: Abdul Rahman Lamin, David Dossou Zounmenou, Jasper Ayelazuno, Ben Simon Okolo, R Okey Onunkwo, Isaaka Souaré, Khabele Matlosa

Key terms: West Africa, Elections, Challenges, Democratic, Governance, Côte d'Ivoire, Post-electoral, Crisis, Ouattara, Ghana, Conflict management, Absolute Majority System, 2011, Nigeria, Empirical, Review, Presidential, Benin, Tension, Militarisation, Democratisation, Comparative Analysis, Niger, Guinea


Volume 10 Number 1, June 2011

Contributors: Francesca Marzatico, Roukaya Kasenally, Eva Palmans, R D Russon, Emmanuel O Ojo, David U Enweremadu, Christopher Isike, Sakiemi Idoniboye-Obu, Dhikru AdewaleYagboyaju, J Shola Omotola.

Key terms: Southern Sudan, Referendum, Self-determination, Legal Challenges, Mauritius, Democracy, Elections, 2010, Burundi, Democratie, Paix, Democratic, Local Government, South Africa, Democratisation, Nigeria, Public Perceptions, Judicial Decisions, Election Disputes, 2007, General, Judiciary, 2003, 2007, Democratic Consolidation, Fourth Republic, Corruption, Electoral Reform, Consolidation.


Volume 9 Number 2, October 2010: South Africa: Elections 2009

Contributors: Cherrel Africa, Mcebisi Ndletyana, Kealeboga J Maphunye, Vanessa Barolsky, Ebrahim Fakir, Zandile Bhengu, Josefine K Larsen, Bavusile B Maaba, Thabisi Hoeane, J M Kivilu, R Mmotlane.

Key terms: 2009, elections, Party, support, voter behaviour, Western Cape, Trends, patterns, 1994, Congress of the People, Evaluating, election management, South Africa, youth, participation, African National Congress, KwaZulu-Natal, resurgent, Zulu, ethno-nationalism, Racial, ethnic, Surveys, Scientific predictions.


Volume 9 Number 1, June 2010

Contributors: Roger Southall, Hamilton S Simelane, Adriano Nuvunga, M A Mohamed Salih, Blessings Chinsinga, Susan Booysen, Shauna Mottiar, Lesley Blaauw, Benson A Bana.

Key terms: Public Participation, Political, Challenge, Southern Africa, State, Elections, Protest, Swaziland, 2008, Elections,Mozambique, 2009, Democratic Consolidation, Critical, Malawi, Processes, Outcomes, Party, Opposition, South Africa, Role, Civil Society, KwaZulu-Natal, Conflict Dynamics, Peace, Namibia, National Assembly, Tanzania, 2010, General Elections, Review, Compendium of Elections 1989-2009, D Kadima, S Booysen.


Volume 8 Number 2, October 2009

Contributors: Norbert Kersting, Phillip Mtimkulu, Khabele Matlosa, Bernadeta Killian, Kevin S Fridy, Ernest T Mallya.

Key terms: Direct Democracy, Southern, East, Africa, Referendums, and Initiatives, One-Party Dominance, Lessons, South Africa, Role, SDC, Management, Zimbabwe, Post-election Crisis, Zanzibar?, Elections, Civil Society Organisations, State, Popular Participation, Tanzania, Review, African Peer Review Mechanism, Ross Herbert, Steven Gruzd, SAIIA.


Volume 8 Number 1, June 2009: Elections and Conflict in Africa

Contributors: David K Leonard, Denis Kadima, Anna Schmidt, Titi Pitso, Felix Odhiambo Owuor, Sam Egwu, Khabele Matlosa.

Key terms: Elections, Conflict, Africa, Democratisation, DRC, Political Economy, Sierra Leone, Elections, 2007, 2008, Political, Institutional, Context, 2007, Kenya, Reforms, Nigeria, 1999, Democracy.


Volume 7 Number 2, October 2008: Kenya

Contributors: Gilbert M Khadiagala, Rok Ajulu, Korwa G Adar, Shilaho Westen Kwatemba, Felix Odhiambo Owuor, Frederick Ogenga, Samuel Kariuki.

Key terms: Peacemaking, in Kenya, 2007, Elections, Democracy, Regional, Violence, Legal Framework, GNU, Separation of Powers, National Legislative Assembly, Ethnicity, Political, Pluralism, Electoral, Laws, Process, Role, Media, Botched, Land Reform Programme, Crisis, 1963-2008, Review, Kenya’s Quest for Democracy: Taming the Leviathan, M Mutua, 2008.


Volume 7 Number 1, June 2008: Elections and Democracy in Lesotho

Contributors: Khabele Matlosa, Jørgen Elklit, Francis K Makoa, Sehoai Santho, Fako Johnson Likoti, Sofonea Shale,Motlamelle A Kapa, Lira Theko, Khabele Matlosa, Victor Shale, Masilo Philemon Makhetha, Nthakeng Pheello Selinyane.

Key terms: 2007, General Election, Lesotho, MMP System, Managing, Post-Election, Conflict, Party, Alliances, Coalitions, Culture, Political, Tolerance, Electoral, System, Reform, Gender, Equality, Legitimacy, Role, Civil Society Organisations, Democratisation, Floor Crossing, Representative Democracy, Socio-Economic, Cost, Media, 1993, demilitarisation in Lesotho: The general election of 1993 and its aftermath, R Southall, T Petlane, Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa, 1995.


Volume 6 Number 2, October 2007: Nigeria's 2007 General Elections

Contributors: Emmanuel O Ojo, E Remi Aiyede, Isaac Olawale Albert, Uno Ijim-Agbor, Said Adejumo, Michael Kehinde, N Olufemi Mimiko, J Shola Omotola, Osisioma B C Nwolise, N D Danjibo, Abubakar Oladeji, P F Adebayo, J Shola Omotola, Peter Vale.

Key terms: Nigeria, Elections, Theoretical Postulations, 2007, General Elections, Succession Crisis, Nascent, Democracy, Electoral, Laws, Review, Campaign, Independent, Commission, INEC, Impartial, Partial, Democrats, Political, Parties, Reversal, Formation, Context, Labour Party, Ondo State, Godfathers, Violence, Vote Buying, Public Perception, Reviews, Muslim Civic Cultures and Conflict Resolution: the Challenge of Democratic Federalism in Nigeria, John N Paden, 2005, Making Democracy Work In Nigeria: A review of Challenges of Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria, Emmanuel O Ojo.


Volume 6 Number 1, June 2007

Contributors: Peter Vale, Albert Domson-Lindsay, Sulaiman Kura, Victor Shale, Mohamed Salih & Abdalla Hamdok, Norbert Kersting, Maxi Schoeman, Charles Puttergill, Ernest T Mallya, Lesley Blaauw, Patrick Vander Weyden

Key terms: Future, Electoral, Studies, Critique, Democracy, West, Southern, Africa, Contemporary, Political, Parties, Institutionalisation, Sustainability, Democracy, Opposition, Alliances, Elections, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Inclusive, System, Reform, Agenda, Voter Turnout, Rules, Infrastructure, Voting Behaviour, South Africa, Local, Government, 2006, Youth, Political Economy, Tanzania, Measuring, Support, Namibia, Intrinsic, Instrumental, Founding, DRC, Fragmented, Review, Democratic Reform in Africa: Its Impact on Governance and Poverty Alleviation, Muna Ndulo.


Volume 5 Number 2, December 2006: Elections and Democracy in Botswana

Contributors: David Sebudubudu, Monageng Mogalakwe, Mpho G Molomo, Patrick Molutsi, Onkemetse B Tshosa, Mogopodi H Lekorwe, Adam Mfundisi, Tidimane Ntsabane, Chris Ntau, Kaelo Molefhe, Lewis Dzimbiri, Onalenna Doo Selolwane, Victor Shale, Zein Kebonang, Wankie Rodrick Wankie, Zitha Mokomane, Monageng Mogalakwe, David Sebudubudu

Key terms: Pre-Colony, Post-Colony, Continuities, Discontinuities, Political, Power, Relations, Governance, Botswana, Democracy, Electoral, System, State, Global Perspective, Elections, Parliamentary Oversight, Role, Status, Independent, Commission, Civic, Participation, Voting Patterns, Youth, Politics, Leadership, Challenge, Opposition, Fragmentation, Intra-Party, Botswana Democratic Party, Gender, Observation, Monitoring, Social Capital, Trust, Consolidating, Trends, Civil Society, Relations, Review, 40 Years of Democracy in Botswana 1965-2005, Zibani Maundeni, 2005.


Volume 5 Number 1, June 2006

Contributors: Chris Landsberg, Karanja Mbugua, Jibrin Ibrahim, Thaddeus Menang, Churchill Ewumbue-Monono, Bertha Chiroro, Said Adejumobi, Sheila Bunwaree, Jeremy Seekings, Tom Lodge.

Key terms: Afro-governance, Continentalism, Africa, Emerging, Democratic, Regime, Resolution, Transformation, Election, Conflict, Legislation, Electoral, Process, Third-term, Future, Nigeria, Election, Management, Cameroon, Independent, Candidature, Dilemmas, Opposition, Political, Parties, Southern Africa, Reviving, Failed State, 2005, General Election, Liberia, Gender, Governance, Mauritius, Partisan, Realignment, Cape Town, 1994-2004, Irish, Review, Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook.


Volume 4 Number 2, October 2005: Zimbabwe’s 2005 General Election

Contributors: Peter Vale, Norman Mlambo, Sue Mbaya, Lloyd M Sachikonye, Choice Ndoro, Bertha Chiroro, Martin R Rupiya, Sehlare Makgelaneng

Key terms: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democracy, Littoral, Political, Polarisation, Elections, Land, 2005, Parties, Persistent, Inequalities, Women, Role, National Youth Service/Militia, Parliamentary, Lessons, Movement for Democratic Change, Review, Zimbabwe: Injustice and Political Reconciliation..


Volume 4 Number 1, June 2005

Contributors: Debie LeBeau, Bertha Z Osei-Hwedie, David Sebudubudu, Wiseman Chijere Chirwa, Gilles Cistac, Joseph Topangu, Victor Shale, L Amédée Darga, Denis Kadima, Roukaya Kasenally, Claude Kabemba.

Key terms: Multiparty Democracy, Elections, Namibia, Botswana, 2004, Malawi, Challenge, Democracy, Justice, Electoral, Disputes, Mozambique, Post-Election, Prospects, Burundi, 2005, Lesotho, Local, Development, Governance, Electoral, Reform, Mauritius, Formation, Collapse, Revival,Political, Party, Coalitions, Mauritius, Ethnic, Logic, Calculation, Transitional, DRC, Role, Key, Stakeholders, Review, State of the Nation South Africa 2004-2005, John Daniel, Roger Southall, Jessica Lutchman.


Volume 3 Number 2, December 2004: South African Elections, 2004

Contributors: Thabisi Hoeane, Dirk Kotzé, Shauna Mottiar, Amanda Gouws, Khabele Matlosa, Laurence Piper, Heidi Brooks, Roger Southall, Tom Lodge.

Key terms: Racial, Ethnic, Interpretation, South Africa, 2004, Election, Political, Party, Funding, IFP, KZN, Women, Representation, Electoral, System, Democracy, HIV/Aids, Citizen, Participation, Result, Implications, Configuration, Dominant Party, System, Challenges, Post-Election, Reform The ANC After the 2004 Election, Tom Lodge.


Volume 3 Number 1

Contributors: Eghosa E Osaghae, Dani W Nabudere, Shumbana Karume, Chaloka Beyani, Koki Muli, Joshua Bheki Mzizi, Abdul Rahman Lamin, Lloyd M Sachikonye, Christof Hartmann.

Key terms: Democracy, Africa, Institutional, Substantive, Traditional, Modern, Political, Systems, Contemporary, Governance, Party, Systems, SADC, Dominant Party, System, Human Rights, Mainstreaming, Gender, Public, Institution, Governance, Swazi, Monarchy, Moral, Dynamics, Democratisation, State, Post-Conflict, Peacebuilding, Consolidation, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Constitutionalism, Challenges, Stability, Local, Comparative, Analysis, Reviews, South Africa's Second Democratic Election 1999: An Annotated Bibliography, From Cape Town To Congo: Southern Africa Involving Security Challenges, Beth Strachan, Mwesiga Baregu, Christopher Landsberg.


Volume 2 number 2, June 2004

  • "Factional Intrigues and Alliance Politics: The Case of NARC in Kenya’s 2002 elections", Shumbana Karume
  • "Legitimising Electoral Process: The Role of Kenya Domestic Observation Programme (K-DOP) in Kenya’s 2002 Election", Wole Olaleye
  • Elections in Nigeria: Is the Third Time a Charm, A. Carl Levan, Titi Pitso, Bodunrin Adebo
  • Nigeria: Can the Election Tribunals Satisfactorily Resolve the Disputes Arising out of the 2003 Elections?, Kaniye S.A.Ebeku
  • The Electoral System and Conflict in Mozambique, Luis de Brito
  • Adapting to Electoral System Change: Voters in Lesotho, 2002, Roddy Fox and Roger Southall
  • Missing Cadres? List Voting and the ANC’s Management of its Parliamentarians in the National Assembly, 1999-2003, Geoffrey Hawker
  • Reviews
    • Compendium of Elections in Southern Africa
    • One Woman, One Vote: The Gender Politics of South African Elections
    • Security and Politics in South Africa: The Regional Dimension

Volume 2 number 1

  • "La Guerre, la Paix et la Democratie au Congo", Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
  • "Aperçu Historique de la Pratique Electorale en Republique Democratique du Congo Depuis son Accession a L'independance", Adrien Mulumbati Ngasha
  • "Choosing an Electoral System: Alternatives for the Post-War Democratic Republic of Congo", Denis K Kadima
  • "Intra-Party Democracy and the Inclusion Of Women", Bookie Monica Kethusegile-Juru
  • "Electoral Choice & Practice and the Democratic Process in Mozambique", Obede Baloi
  • "How the South African Electoral System was Negotiated", Tom Lodge
  • "The Electoral Process and Democratic Governance in Lesotho: Lessons for the Democratic Republic of Congo", Khabele Matlosa
  • "Problematique du Dénombrement et de L'identification Démographique Pre-Electoraux", Arsene Waka-Sakrini
  • "La Carte Geographique et les Elections", Matezo Bakunda
  • The Electoral System and Democratisation in Zimbabwe Since 1980, Lloyd M. Sachikonye
  • "Electoral Reform in Namibia: Challenges and Constraints", Joram Kumaaipurua Rukambe
  • "The Role, Functions and Performance of Botswana's Independent Electoral Commission", Balefi Tsie

Volume 1 Number 2

  • "Lesotho 2002: Africa's first MMP elections", Jørgen Elklit
  • "Looking at the management of the 2001 Zambian tripartite elections", Claude Kambuya Kabemba
  • "Multi-stage monitoring and declaring elections 'free and fair': The June 2000 Zimbabwe election", Susan Booysen
  • "Reflection on the activities and contributions of the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) to the success of Ghana's 2000 elections: lessons for other African countries", E Kojo Sakyi and Franklin Oduro
  • "Constitutional constraints on South Africa's electoral system", Glenda Fick
  • "Roles and performances of regional election observation delegations in the SADC region", Denis Kadima
  • From African Renaissance to NEPAD ... and back to the Renaissance, Chris Landsberg

Volume 1 Number 1

  • Ballots or Bullets: Elections and Conflict Management in Southern Africa, Khabele Matlosa
  • Electoral Sustainability and the Costs of Development, Carl W Dundas
  • Making Sense of the 'Coloured' Vote in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Comparing the 1994 and 1999 Provincial Results in the Western Cape, Sean Jacobs
  • The Unfinished Referendum Process in Western Sahara, Terhi Lehtinen
  • How Political Parties Finance Electoral Campaigning in Southern Africa, Tom Lodge
  • Parliamentary Elections in Zimbabwe, 2000, David Pottie
  • Les Elections Ivoiriennes de I'An 2000, Maître Françoise Kaudjhis-Offoumou
  • A Summary of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in Mozambique, 1999, Vicky da Silva

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